What Parents Think?

What parents have said about our school
What I like most about the school:
“The warm, nurturing, loving, Christian environment. This school seems to be a magnet for families who share our values. We’ve made many life-long friends throughout our 4 years at Westmaple. I love how happy my children are here… and how sad they are to leave!”

“Absolutely everything! The amazing progression of the teachers and how each room adds something unique and wonderful to the children’s experience here.”

“The safe learning environment, the Christian teaching, and a staff that sincerely cares for each child.”

“The warm and welcoming environment. You can feel love from everyone. A strong community feel. I enjoy the cohesiveness between teachers, family, staff, and pastors.”

“I really can’t think of anything I would change about the program. My daughter is way ahead of my other two at this age. I am really impressed with how strong the programs are both academically and spiritually as well. My other two kids should have been at Westmaple.”

“I love Westmaple. The program is by far the best I have seen. As a past educator, I feel Westmaple is a very strong program with a good balance in every aspect. I will miss everyone next year. Thank you for everything.”

“LOVE IT! I think Westmaple is, by far, the best preschool in the area.”

“Westmaple feels like a family. Students, teachers, and parents are loved and respected for being individuals, unique and wonderful! It is a perfect place to begin venturing off into the world. Students discover, “I am loved”. “I am special”. “I can do it”. I love school!”

“When “my baby” was ready to begin school this year, I was not ready for her to go. I sent her because I knew she would benefit more from her experience at Westmaple those two days than she would with me. I could not say this about any other program! :)”

“It’s so nice to walk in and feel at home even not being a member of Redeemer. Our girls love Westmaple.”

“Hands down, Westmaple is the BEST preschool to prepare children for kindergarten!” Public School kindergarten teacher.

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