Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund of Lutheran Church of the Redeemer was established to receive gifts and bequests for use in the further growth of the Church’s ministries.

Through the Endowment Fund, Redeemer supports and sustains:

  • Our many members who are called to dedicate their lives to the Lord as pastors in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS);
  • Our many members who study to become deacons, deaconesses, teachers, directors of Christian education, directors of family life, etc. in the LCMS;
  • Our strong children and youth ministries focused on raising our next generation in the ways of the Lord;
  • Capital projects driven by our ever-growing ministries’ needs to provide for congregation members of all ages and interests;
  • Our outreach ministries and other related programs so that we may be instruments of the Great Commission in adding souls to God’s Kingdom.
  • Our worship services and music programs for fostering spiritual growth and expressing love and support among all of our members.

One great example of Endowment Fund impact is seen in the several congregation members who have attended pre-seminary schooling and/or seminary over the past several years.  The Endowment Fund has provided need-based financial assistance for educational and living expenses for those attending seminary.


The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer Endowment Fund welcomes your gifts and bequests so that Redeemer may continue in its mission to fulfill the Great Commandment through worship, fellowship, and study and to live the Great Commission by bringing the love of Jesus to others.

Your gift or bequest to the Endowment Fund will ensure Redeemer’s ministries and mission programs continue – even beyond our lifetime. Through gifts to the Endowment Fund, a donor may memorialize those loved ones who cared deeply about the future of Redeemer and its ministries. Gifts of any size can be given at any time and may provide the donor with tax benefits.

If you are interested in learning more about giving opportunities, please contact:
Pastor Schlak 248-644-4010 ext. 119 or the Congregation President.

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