A mission for women

iZōsh® is an organization of women dedicated to the economic empowerment of women globally who are living in extreme poverty. By giving grants and micro-loans to these women, we help them to lift themselves out of extreme poverty and reduce the risk of oppression and exploitation in their lives.

It brings us great joy to share the highlights from our 10th chapter event that took place on April 26th, 2024. Your continued support makes an undeniable impact on the lives of women globally.


Event Highlights:

  • Community Strength:

A heartfelt thank you to the 24 incredible women who joined us for an evening of empowerment and collaboration. Your presence made the event a success.

  • Empowering Women Globally:

Through your contributions, we were able to grant $7,145 in loans and grants to a total of 15 women. This brings our chapter total to an outstanding $80,377, impacting the lives of 231 women. Your generosity is creating a ripple of positive change. Once loans are repaid, a new woman is given a loan!

  • Inspiration from Jessica Cummings:

We were honored to have Jennifer Cummings, Managing Director at The Mandate and Executive Director at Surfari Pals Inc. as our keynote speaker. Jennifer, with her southern charm, shared stories of the people of Uganda and all that the Mandate is doing to pour into the people. Their efforts to invest in the local people and give them the opportunity to lift themselves and their community up aligned so perfectly with our mission. Jennifer discussed the 5 areas of impact The Mandate focuses on:

  1. Education
    1. Child sponsorship, University and Trade Schooling 
      1. Salma – local girl who was put through university and is now back in the village and running the Widows & Orphans program
      2. Takia – sister of Salma who was supported all the way through Trade School and came back and now runs the tailoring program at the Hope Job Center
  2. Women’s Health
    1. Hope for Girls – providing necessary supplies for menstrual cycles to allow the girls to stay in school. 
    2. Mama Kits – providing expectant mothers with clean/sterile supplies to birth a child as women are required to bring all supplies with them to birthing center 
  3. Widows & Orphans
    1. Provide them with solar lights, charcoal stoves and food and supply assistance
  4. Clean Water
    1. 13 bore holes (wells) have been created within  7 mile radius of the village. Kids now have water when at school and the community has access to clean water too.
  5. Evangelism
    1. Prison Ministry and Sunday School for kids

Chicken Give Back Program

  1. Provide chickens to families – require that they hatch the first laying (have to teach them “chicken multiplication” and that they can’t eat the chicken or eggs right away). They are required to give back 2 chicks to sustain the program. Then they are able to expand the number of chickens they have to eat, or sell the excess chicks/eggs.

Hope Job Center

  1. 7 month tailoring program
    1. Provided education (reading, writing, math) plus tailoring skills 
    2. Able to bring children/babies with them and provided meals
    3. Take part in “give back” program by sewing the pads and bags for the Girls Kits and school uniforms for local children who can’t afford one
    4. After passing final exam (making their own graduation outfit) they are given a brand new sewing machine to go off and start their own business
    5. Program started in 2022 and 14 kids have graduated between the three classes

You can visit https://themandate.com/ to learn more or support the work they are doing.

If you were unable to join us in person, you can watch the recording of the event here (scroll down and click on the “iZosh 2024” box).

As we reflect on the success of this event, we look forward to the future with excitement. Check back here for updates on our FALL 2024 EVENT details and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected!

Questions or comments? Please email us at izosh.birmingham@gmail.com


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