Becoming a Member

Click here to watch the sermon series on Lutheran Beliefs

It is a real blessing to find a church where the people are a family and worship fits you.  Redeemer is just such a place.  Please know that all programs, activities and opportunities are available to you regardless of your membership status.  We welcome all.

New Member classes happen two times a year, in the spring and the winter.  Classes are always in the Great Room starting at 9am. They run for six weeks, and end with an orientation and brunch!  (total of 8 weeks)

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Laura Vowell and she can get you registered.   This does NOT require you to become a member.  If you have any questions about the New Member classes or the sermon series, or anything regarding Redeemer, please contact Laura Vowell.   We eagerly look forward to sharing His Word and our friendship with you!

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