Worship Services – During Covid-19

Come worship with us this Sunday

PLEASE NOTE:  During construction, our circle drive is closed.  When worshipping in the Chapel, enter in the Chapel doors and use the East drive and parking.  When worshipping in the Gym, enter in the Town Square doors using the West drive and parking. 

Tips for signing up for Worship:
  1. Each space in a pew is representative of ONE person signing up, allowing for THREE persons per pew. 
  2. Please do not sign up in ONE spot for an entire family, make sure you change the quantity to THREE if you have 3 or more people.
  3. If you are a family of THREE or more, sign up in a new pew and sign up for ALL THREE SPACES.  This can be done in your reservation by making quantity 3.  Remember to make the total quantity of your party in the correct number (if 5 attending, total quantity is 5).
  4. If you are a party of ONE, please sign up next to someone who has signed up for TWO spaces (if available) to fill the pew rather than signing up in a whole new pew.
  5. If you are a party of TWO, we are allowing you to sign up in the same pew with another party of TWO even though there is only ONE spot left in that pew.  This will still allow two couples to social distance in one pew.

 May 16-17, 2021Worship Services, Nursery & Sunday School Signup

Click the button to signup for Worship, Sunday School or Redeemer Nursery!
PLEASE NOTE:  if you are signing your children up for Sunday School or Nursery, DO NOT include them in your worship signup count.  

If you want the ability to change your own reservations you need to signup with an email in Signup Genius!

 Please read the Good Practices & Procedures prior to worship as it contains important information you will need to know.

Good Practices & Procedures for a healthy experience


In light of the pandemic, our traditional worship schedule has changed slightly.  This schedule will remain until further notice.   It is mandatory to sign-up for worship in an effort to maintain proper safety for all members.  (you will not be admitted without a reservation) Our schedule is as follows.

  • Sunday – 8:00 am in the Chapel 
  • Sunday – 9:00 am in the Gym (LIVESTREAM)
  • Sunday – 10:30am in the Gym
  • Monday – 7:00 pm in the Chapel


1st and 3rd Sunday’s – 9:00 and 10:30am Sunday services 
2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday – 8:00 am Sunday service and 7:00pm Monday service.


  1. Read the Good Practices & Procedures for Safety to learn important information about worship.
  2. Click the link above to sign-up for worship.  In Gym and Chapel, if you are a family of 3 or MORE, all family members may sit in the same pew, but please signup for all three spots and use the pew for your entire family. NOTE: if your schedule changes, it is important for you to delete your name from the sign up list, so someone else can take your spot.  


If you are uncomfortable with public worship, you may continue to watch services LIVE on Livestream.  During this time, the 9:00am service will be livestreamed.  Past services are also recorded and can be viewed on Livestream at www.livestream.com/redeemer.  Audio of services can be listened to on Podbean at www. lutheranchurch.podbean.com

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