Worship Services

PLEASE NOTE:  During construction, our circle drive is closed.  When worshipping in the Chapel, enter in the Chapel doors and use the East drive and parking.  When worshipping in the Gym, enter in the Town Square doors using the West drive and parking.

It is no longer necessary to sign up for worship services.  If you would like to continue to social distance, please use the pew sections that are roped off (every other) and the pews that are on the perimeter of the gym.

Worship -Effective June 6, 2021

Masks are now optional but encouraged for those that are not vaccinated.   Effective June 6, all pews will be open for seating in 3 of the 4 sections (no more roped off pews).  There will be no requirement to sign up.  The 4th section along with the perimeter pews will be for those that wish to continue to social distance.  This section will continue to be roped off every other pew.  There will be signs indicating this section and the perimeter pews for those that prefer social distancing.

Communion – Effective June 6, 2021

Effective June 6, we will begin offering continuous communion.  Wafers will be distributed by the Pastor and Vicar using tongs.  The Elders will have the wine in the individual cup trays (we will go back to the glass cups) allowing for each member to grab their own wine cup.  For those that prefer social distancing, we will offer a separate table for individuals and individual groups – exactly as we are doing now.


Our schedule is as follows.

  • Sunday – 8:00 am in the Chapel 
  • Sunday – 9:00 am in the Gym (LIVESTREAM)
  • Sunday – 10:30am in the Gym
  • Monday – 7:00 pm in the Chapel


1st and 3rd Sunday – 9:00 and 10:30am Sunday services 
2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday – 8:00 am Sunday service and 7:00pm Monday service.


If you are uncomfortable with public worship, you may continue to watch services LIVE on Livestream.  During this time, the 9:00am service will be livestreamed.  Past services are also recorded and can be viewed on Livestream at www.livestream.com/redeemer.  Audio of services can be listened to on Podbean at www. lutheranchurch.podbean.com

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