I’m a Member

I’m a Member

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer is a community of God’s people who TOGETHER….  

  • Gather to worship and praise the one true God;
  • Are nourished in spirit through God’s holy Word and Sacraments;
  • Share our Christian faith and love with others;
  • Seek, by God’s grace, to live as the Body of Christ;
  • Give care, support and encouragement to one another

ShelbyNEXT is the membership software that will do the following:

1.   Serve as our new online member directory.
2.   Allow you to update your family record.
3.   Allow you to update your family’s pictures. (each member with their own picture)
4.   Allow you to view and print your contributions.

Things to Note in Shelby:

  • You will need to LOGIN with your unique userID and password that was emailed to you.
  • If you did not receive an email, please call the church office and we can provide you your userID and password.
  • If you are NOT the primary in your family, you will only be able to edit your own record.
  • Only primary and spouse can view contributions if they have combined giving. If they are separate, each will see their own.
  • Other members can only see your birth month and day, Birth year is NOT visible to other members
  • If you do not want your information visible, please contact the front office and we can make changes to what is visible to other members.

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