Two – Three Year Old Programs (3 day and 2 day)

(9 to 1 student/teacher ratio or less) A head teacher and 2 assistants offer M-W-F for 3 year olds whose birthdays are prior to September 1 of the school year.  T-TH classes are available to those who prefer a 2 day program or to children who turn three between September 1 and December 1st of the school year and are completely potty-trained.

Curriculum:  At this age, our focus is socialization.  A typical day would include:  morning circle, Bible lessons, music, calendar time, art projects, learning letters and numbers, free play, story time, cleanup, snack and then time on the playground or gym before pick-up.

Two day tuition is $180/month, three day tuition is $270/month

Children are admitted to the 3 year old program at Westmaple on the following criteria: Redeemer members receive primary consideration, followed by children whose siblings attend(ed) Westmaple. The rest of the classroom placements are based on age and date of call for admittance. Those who are 3 years old prior to September 1 of the current school year will be placed in the Monday-Wednesday-Friday program, unless the parent requests the 2 day program and until the maximum class size is reached. Once the 3 day program is filled, parents will be offered the 2 day program even if age eligible for the 3 day program. Those who turn 3 between September 1 and December 1 must attend the 2 day Tuesday-Thursday program (unless they choose the 4 or 5 day option),. A child who turns 3 during the month of December may be admitted based on the discretion of the director.

Two -Four Year Old Pre-K Programs

(11 to 1 student/teacher ratio or less)   The Pre-K class is available for your choice of three, four or five half days, based upon availability.  We are one of the few preschools that offer a 3 year program.

Curriculum:  In preparation for kindergarten, our play-based program focuses on socialization and academic preparation for kindergarten.  All the teachers have been trained in the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. We emphasize phonics in our program.

Three day tuition is $270/month, 4 day tuition is $340 and 5 days is $390.

The head teacher(s) of the 3 year old program(s) recommends placement for the four year old program. The head teacher(s) of the 3 year old program will meet with the director to discuss  placement and a list of the recommended placements will be developed. This does not preclude that the head teacher(s) may recommend the possibility of 2 classroom placements. Since all four year old classroom are kindergarten readiness programs ( with curriculums that include, reading readiness, introduction to math, science experiments and learning through play) , the placement will be upon the child’s ability and skill level which will then be matched with the teacher whose strengths would enhance each child’s maximum development. Since each child develops at different rates and has unique God given gifts and talents, our primary consideration is to place each child based on his or her needs. The child’s age will also be considered in placement, especially with those children whose birthdays fall between September 1 and December 1 who will probably be staying for a third year. Parental requests for a room or teacher will only be honored if that placement is consistent with what the head teacher in the 3 year old room believes is in the best interest of the child. Final decision for all placements in all rooms will be by the Director.

Two Junior Kindergarten/Young 5’s (One half Day, one full day (9:00-3:00)

(9 to 1 ratio or less) The JK/Young 5’s class is designed for those who will be turning 5 years old before January of the school year they are attending.

Curriculum:  The curriculum will include, reading readiness, learning sight words as well as more intensive phonics, introduction to math, science experiments and learning through play. They will be counting to 100, by 5’s and 10’s. We continue with our Handwriting Without Tears program in this program.

Tuition is for 5 days and is $450/month for half day and $1,030/month for full day

Children will be admitted to the Young 5 program based on age and ability. The classroom has been designed to be a program which will fill a void for those children whose birthdays make them ineligible for kindergarten or whose parents desire an additional year of preschool before beginning the formal school process. Students will be admitted from our 4 year old program based on teacher recommendation. It will be possible for select students coming out of the 3 year old program to be placed in this program based on teacher recommendation.

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