Confirmation incorporates a variety of activities and experiences which will help each child to learn and appreciate the importance of a well-balanced Christian life.  The Confirmation program includes classroom instruction, small group activities and discussion, fellowship opportunities and service projects, which will help each child participate more fully in the mission and ministry of the church.  The Confirmation program comprises 6th, 7th, and 8th graders and meets Wednesday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm during the school year.


General Information…
Confirmation Calendar 2020-2021
How to Write a Sermon Report
Acolyte & Cross bearer information
Confirmation Sermon Report 2020-2021
Confirmation Service Hour Form 2020-2021 (for website)

Year 1 Information…
Year 1 lesson calendar 2020-2021
Year 1 binder pages – part one 2020-2021
Books of the bible test dates
Old Testament Books of the Bible Song
New Testament Books of the Bible Song 

Year 2 Information…
Year 2 Calendar and Memory Work

Year 3 Information…
Year 3 Calendar and Memory Work
2020-2021 Essay requirements and Outline
Year 3 Confirmation Bible Verse Ideas

PLEASE Help with the Health Check-In….

As you all know, we will be having a health check-in process for each student as he/she is dropped off for Confirmation. WE NEED PARENT VOLUNTEERS TO HELP WITH THIS!!!!!  Unfortunately, I cannot be in 3 places at once (I wish I could be sometimes!). Please review the sign-up below and see when you are available to help ?  Any help is greatly appreciated!

Year 1 Check-In Sign-Up:

Year 2 Check-In Sign-Up:

Year 3 Check-In Sign-Up:

Service Hour Opportunities….

Acolyte Sign-Up:

**Remember, Year 1 students are required to complete 2 acolyting/cross bearing hours, and Year 2 & Year 3 are required to complete 3 acolyting/cross bearing hours.  If your family is uncomfortable gathering in a large group inside for worship, then you can supplement these hours with other service hours. 

**When you sign up your child to acolyte, YOUR FAMILY WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE SIGNED UP FOR WORSHIP during the same service that your child is an acolyte.  The front office will do this when making the weekly worship sign-up.  Someone may contact you to see how many people in your family are coming to worship so the front office can reserve the correct amount of spots.  If you sign up your child to acolyte/cross bear AFTER the worship sign-up has been made, then it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to sign up your family for worship.

Looking Ahead in Confirmation….

Wednesday 11/11 – Confirmation Meeting (6pm – 7:30pm)
Wednesday 11/18 – Confirmation Meeting (6pm – 7:30pm)
Wednesday 11/25 – NO MEETING (Go to Thanksgiving worship with your family!)
Wednesday 12/2 – Confirmation Meeting (6pm – 7:30pm)

Service Hour Opportunities….

Remember, you need 10 total (3 hours being with family, and 3 hours being acolyting/cross bearing).  You can earn your service hours anywhere in the community, but Redeemer does have many opportunities throughout the year.  See below!

Volunteer to Help with the Live Nativity:  On Sunday 12/13 from 2-4pm, Redeemer is having its first outdoor Live Nativity!  Each ministry is taking on a scene from the Christmas story to act out during the event.  If you would like to help out with the Middle School Ministry’s scene, just let me know!  Do it as a family and earn family hours!

 Decorating the Church for Christmas:  We are in need of SO MUCH HELP decorating the church for Christmas – inside and outside!  We are decorating in small groups on Friday 11/27 AND Saturday 11/28, both days from 9am – 1pm.  If you’d like to help on either day, please contact Miss Kitty ( and she will get you signed up for a group.  Only available in the afternoon?  Let Miss Kitty know and I bet she could still use your help ?  Do this as a family and earn family hours!

 Christmas Cards (AT-HOME SERVICE HOURS!):  Card packs can be picked up AND dropped off inside the Town Square doors – there are marked bins sitting right inside the doors, you can’t miss ‘em!  When taking a pack of cards (or more than one pack!) please make sure to SIGN OUT your pack.  There are cards, envelopes, directions, etc. inside each pack.  Some packs contain stickers and some don’t (they are labeled).  If you’re not the best at drawing, make sure to grab a pack with stickers ?  Do this as a family and earn family hours!  The cards are due on Sunday 12/6 so make sure to come by and grab your pack(s) so that you have plenty of time to get them done!  PLEASE RETURN ALL PACKS OF CARDS EVEN IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THEM.  We can save cards and supplies for next year ?

 Operation Make Someone Smile (AT-HOME SERVICE HOURS!):  If you’d like to participate in “Operation Make Someone Smile”, just let me know and I’ll get you the information that you need!  If you’d like to participate, we’ll assign you 5 Redeemer households (or more if you desire!).  You will then mail each of your assigned households a letter, note, card, drawing, or anything uplifting!  BE CREATIVE… but we can give you ideas if you need them!  Do this as a family and earn family hours!

 A/V Operators: Redeemer is looking for anyone who is interested in learning how to be an A/V operator for our worship services.  This is an especially important way to serve the church since SO MANY PEOPLE rely on Livestream for worship right now.  Are you interested as an adult?  Let me know!  Is your child interested?  Let me know!  Want to learn together as a parent/child team?  Let me know!  I’ll get you in contact with the leaders… and trust me… they will be ecstatic!!!!!

Confirmation Ministry Contact

Laura Vowell, Director of Confirmation
Confirmation Office: 248-644-4010 ext. 121

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