How Can I Help?

There are many who may be in need. Redeemer has gathered a list of those we think may be in need, mostly our elderly. If you are able, please contact Mr. Priskorn to receive a few names of Redeemer members to call. Also, if you are in need, please call Mr. Priskorn or the church office and we can get you some help.

MOST IMPORTANTLY…if you think of someone who may need help, or just a phone call to cheer them up, by all means, give them a call. If you need their number, go to our online church directory or call the front office at 248-644-4010 for more information.

LASTLY, please include all church members, Redeemer staff, government, law enforcement, medical staff, and anyone near and far in your prayers during this time of uncertainty. Together with our Lord and Savior, we will make it through this!

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