Kamp FAQ

Please review the following list of frequently asked questions. If you still have questions that are not answered here, or need more information please contact us.Questions about Registration and Cost

  • What is the Cost of Camp?
    $380 per camper, is due at time of registration. The $380 fee is non-refundable.There is an early bird registration discount – if your registration AND payment are received on or before May 15, 2017 the cost is $355If you are registering an explorer (camper in 2nd or 3rd staying just 2 nights) the cost is $170.The fee includes room and board, a Kamp t-shirt and all activities (other than ropes course*). Transportation back to Redeemer on the last day of Kamp is included.*The ropes course is an optional activity for campers entering 6-9th grade only. The ropes course is a $35 fee that should be added to your fee at the time you register your camper.

    What methods of payment do you accept?

    Payment is due in full at the time of registration. We do not hold  a spot for any camper until we have received BOTH an online registration form AND payment. We hope to have online payment options coming soon. However for the time being payment must be made by check or money order  (please remember to put your camper’s first and last name in the memo line of the check). Please make checks out to the following:

    Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
    c/o Redeemer Summer Kamp
    1800 W. Maple Rd
    Birmingham, MI 48009

    Is financial assistance available?

    Financial assistance for Kamp is available,we call them camperships. Applications for camperships should be made by contacting the Director, Tim Springer Jr by calling the Youth Ministry Office at 248-644-4010 ex 21, or by emailing redeemerkamp@gmail.com. Please contact Tim about financial assistance before you register.

    I am having trouble with the online registration? OR I filled out the Registration form but did not receive confirmation? 

    We are using a new registration platform this year, so there is a bit of a learning curve for everyone. You should receive an automated email indicating your child’s registration has been completed. You will also receive an email from our registrar regarding the amount of payment that is due and you will receive periodic emails reminding you to complete any unfinished forms before the deadline. Once payment and all forms have been completed you will receive a confirmation email that you are fully registered for camp.

    Also around June 1, 2017 those that have completed their registration will receive an email with more information regarding Kamp Check-in, a packing list and other Kamp policies. Many important Kamp documents are available for you to download here.

     If you have any questions about registration or whether or not we received your information, please contact the Kamp Registrar, Erin Springer at 248-770-2999 or redeemerkamp@gmail.com

    Where can I get the health history form?

    This year we are very excited to announce that our health history form is now electronic and is completed through the registration portal. The health history form is to be completed by June 10, 2017. However you can go back into your account at anytime on or before July 9, 2017 and edit the form. You can update information or add in new medications until that time. After this time the forms will be locked so that our health staff can review all the forms prior to camp.  We do not require a physicians signature, school physical form, or immunization records.

    Who can register for the Ropes Course and What does it cost?

    The ropes course is a high ropes challenge course that is run by the trained Camp Michawana staff. The ropes course is available ONLY for campers entering 6th-9th grade. Please indicate on the online registration form whether your camper would like to do the ropes course. Also make sure the additional $35 ropes course fee is added to your registration fee.

Questions about the Kamp Program

  • What is this year’s theme?The Kamp theme  for 2017 is “God’s Promises” and our theme verse is Gensis 9:13 “I have set my Rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.”Who May Attend Kamp?Campers must be going into the 3rd grade through the 9th grade, and not be older than 14 years of age as of July 29, 2017.  2nd and 3rd graders may take advantage of our Explorer program- see below for more information. Non-Redeemer members are welcome!Can I send my 2nd or 3rd grader for two nights?

    Our Explorer program allows campers going into 2nd and 3rd grade to come to Kamp for the first two nights and go home on the third day. This program is based on availability, with priority going to campers staying the whole week.   Explorers pay $170.

    If you wish to register as an explorer go to the registration page and click the “register now” button. You will be placed on the Explorer’s waitlist. After June 15, 2017 we will evaluate our enrollment numbers and determine how many spots we have available for explorers. At this time you will be contacted and invited to register if space permits. Forms and payment are not due until such time as you are removed from the wailist and officially registered.

    What activities are included?

    Swimming, crafts, games, campfires, climbing wall, miniature golf, hikes, boating, fishing, archery, hayrides, and more!!! Please make sure that first time campers are aware that this is a bible camp, and we mix fun and games with bible study and worship. Our counselors are really good at making bible study fun and cool!

    Can I pick my cabin?

    When you fill out the registration form you will be able to select one cabin buddy for each camper registered. Please only list one buddy. We make every effort to honor all requests for cabin buddies.  We do use almost every available bed in camp to maximize the number of campers we can take. This means that as registration fills up we may not be able to honor every buddy request because we have space constraints in each cabin. If we are unable to honor your buddy request for some reason we will contact you before camp to discuss it with you, so there are no surprises when you arrive at camp. The sooner you complete your registration forms and make payment, the better chance your buddy request will be honored.

    What does Kid Kamp and Kat Kamp mean? 

    We do lots of activities and games together as one big camp, however for a portion of every day Kamp is split up into two groups so that bible studies and activities can be more age appropriate. Our Kid Kamp is all campers entering 3rd-6th grade (including Explorers) and our Kat Kamp is all campers entering 7th-9th grade. In addition  the Kat campers get to stay up a bit later and participate in a special night-time activities.

    Where is camp located and is transportation provided?

    We rent Camp Michawana which is located in Hasting, MI – just south of Grand Rapids. You can find more information about Camp Michawana along with directions here. You must bring your camper to Kamp on the first day for check-in (Saturday July 29, 2017).  We do provide transportation back to Redeemer on the last day of Kamp (Friday August 4, 2017). We rent charter buses and usually arrive back at Redeemer around 3:00pm on Friday.  You must indicate on your registration form whether your child(ren) will be riding the bus back to Redeemer.

    If you wish to pick up your child(ren) from camp check-out time is 10:30-11:00am ONLY. If you have not picked up your child by 11:00 am they will be riding on the bus back to Redeemer. Only in very special circumstances will we accommodate other pick up times on Friday AM at camp (It is simply too hectic to have kids leaving at different times all morning long).

    Does Kamp accommodate children with specific dietary needs or food allergies? 

    In most cases, Yes. Please make sure to list all allergies (food, medicine, bee stings, etc. . .) very clearly on your child’s health history form. We report all food allergies to the camp kitchen before camp begins. It may not be possible for the kitchen to cater to every food sensitivity or allergy; depending on the circumstances you may need to provide special food for your camper. Please contact the Kamp Director as early as possible to discuss any special situations.

Questions about staff applications

  • What about Staff Applications? For 2017 we are accepting applications for Counselors In Training ( C.I.T.s) and Counselors.  C.I.T. applicants must be entering their junior of high school or above and be under 18 years of age. Counselor applicants must be 18 years of age or older before the first day of camp. Staff applications awill be available in late March 2017. All applications are online.  Please fill out the online form and it will be automatically submitted to the Kamp Director.  If you have any problems with completing the online forms contact the Kamp Director.  All Applications must be received by May 1, 2017. Applications received after this date will be marked as late submissions and will be reported to the Kamp Committee as such when making hiring decisions.How are the final staff hiring decisions made? Staff is hired by the Kamp Committee,  a board of lay church members with lots of past Kamp experience. The Kamp committee meets in May each year to hire the staff.  Letters will be  mailed out to all applicants in May 2017 regarding the hiring decisions.Do I need references in order to be on Camp Staff?If you are applying to be a C.I.T. (even if you have been on staff before) or you are applying to be a counselor for the first time you must have three references who can comment on your work with children. You, the applicant, are responsible for contacting your references and providing them the following link in order for them to fill out an online reference form: www.narrow.org/kamp/reference/.  We will not be contacting your references or providing them the link. This is your responsibility. Failure to have three references in before the application deadline (May 1, 2017) will result in your application been deemed late or incomplete and will affect the committee’s decision to hire you. The entire reference policy is outlined in the online staff application.  The Kamp committee recommends that you obtain one reference from a Redeemer staff or member when possible, but it is not required. Keep in mind that even if you reference a Redeemer member or staff, the chosen reference must have observed you work with children.

Still have questions or concerns?

We very much welcome your questions and comments. Feel free to contact us at redeemerkamp@gmail.com or contact the Kamp Registrar, Erin Springer at 248-770-2999

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