Confirmation incorporates a variety of activities and experiences which will help each child to learn and appreciate the importance of a well-balanced Christian life.  The Confirmation program includes classroom instruction, small group activities and discussion, fellowship opportunities and service projects, which will help each child participate more fully in the mission and ministry of the church.  The Confirmation program comprises 6th, 7th, and 8th graders and meets Wednesday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm during the school year.


Looking Ahead in Confirmation….

  • Wednesday 2/27 – Confirmation Meeting:  6pm – 8pm
    (Workbook & Memory Work Check!*)

  • Wednesday 3/6 (LENT BEGINS!) – Confirmation Meeting & Ash Wednesday Service:  6pm-8pm

  • Wednesday 3/13 – Confirmation Meeting & Lenten Service: 6pm – 8pm

  • Wednesday 3/20 – Confirmation Meeting & Lenten Service: 6pm – 8pm

    *Workbook & Memory Work Check – Make sure your Confirmand is up to date in his/her workbook and memory work chart 😊  I’ll send out a Progress Report not too long after checking the workbooks and memory work charts.  I will be contacting families who are behind after this progress report to help get you back on track!


    Lent Starts on Wednesday, March 6th

    Believe it or not, Lent starts is TWO WEEKS!  Lent is the part of the church year where we prepare ourselves for the death of our Savior, and ultimately, His resurrection!  Here at Redeemer, we have a mid-week worship service on Wednesdays during Lent, as extra time to reflect and learn more about Jesus. 

    These Lenten worship services are a required part of Confirmation Meetings.  For the six weeks during Lent (3/6 – 4/18), on Wednesdays we will go to class from 6pm – 7pm per usual, and then we will all go to Sanctuary together for worship.  Students will sit with their small group leaders during the service, unless your family goes to worship too, then your child my sit with you and your family 😊  I will be waddling around making sure students are where they are supposed to be!

    Remember, Confirmands are required to do at least 2 Lenten sermon reports!  Is your child behind with sermon reports?  Then have him/her do sermon reports for all six Lenten services, and that’ll boost up your sermon report number!  Confirmands have to be there anyway, so why not do a sermon report!

    I do encourage your family to come to the Lenten dinner and/or worship service on Wednesdays.  Dinner starts at 5:30pm and runs until the service starts at 7pm.  I realize that weekday evenings are busy, and with multiple kids going different places, it can be super difficult to get everyone together.  But maybe make it a goal for your family?  If you can get to church for the meal, you won’t have to cook dinner!  That’s always a plus!  Even if you can’t get to church early enough for the meal, how cool would it be to come at 7pm for the service and sit with your Confirmand?!?!  I just want to make sure that everyone knows that you and your family are invited and are more than welcome to come to dinner & service 😊

    Here’s a breakdown of Wednesdays during Lent: (if you find something like this helpful!)

    5:30pm:            Lenten Dinner!  (not required, but it’s fun, so come!)

    6pm:                  Sign in with Laura at the Town Square doors (per usual)

    6pm – 7pm:      Class (per usual)

7pm – 8pm:      Lenten Worship Service – all Confirmands are expected to be in attendance and are not to leave early 😊

(Confirmands will sit with their small group leader, unless his/her family is present for worship, then he/she may sit with the family.)

8pm:                  Dismissal from Town Square doors (per usual)

General Information:  (click the link below to get more information)
Confirmation Calendar 2018-2019
How to Write a Sermon Report
Confirmation Cheat Sheet!
Confirmation 2018-2019 handbook
Acolyte & Cross bearer Information

Year 3 Information:   (click the link below to get more information)
Year 3 Lesson/Memory Work Calendar
Year 3 Extra Calendar Dates
Retreat Covenant
Retreat Permission Form
Year 3 Essay Requirements
Year 3 Confirmation Bible Verse Ideas
2018 – Bible Verse Selection Forms


Service Hour “Green” Sheet: click here

(you can also sign up for any these opportunities on the Town Square bulletin board)

(If you’re behind on service hours, now is the time to get caught up!)


Confirmation Ministry Contact

Laura McDonald, Director of Confirmation
Confirmation Office: 248-644-4010 ext. 121

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