Confirmation incorporates a variety of activities and experiences which will help each child to learn and appreciate the importance of a well-balanced Christian life.  The Confirmation program includes classroom instruction, small group activities and discussion, fellowship opportunities and service projects, which will help each child participate more fully in the mission and ministry of the church.  The Confirmation program comprises 6th, 7th, and 8th graders and meets Wednesday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm during the school year.


If your child is entering the 6th grade and you would like to enroll him/her in Confirmation,  please contact Laura McDonald (  She will get you all set up!  If you have a child that is older or younger than 6th grade, and you are interested in starting him/her in the Confirmation program, Laura can help you with that too!  You will also need to fill out the NEW student registration form below.


If you are a NEW STUDENT for Confirmation 2018-2019, please fill out this form: NEW STUDENT FORM 

If you are RETURNING for Confirmation 2018-2019, please fill out this form: RETURNING STUDENT FORM

Looking Ahead in Confirmation:

Wednesday 11/14 (NEXT WEEK) – Confirmation Meeting 7-9pm

Wednesday 11/21 – NO MEETING: THANKSGIVING BREAK (Enjoy time with your family and go to Thanksgiving Eve Service at 7pm 😊)

Wednesday 11/28 – Confirmation Meeting 7-9pm

General Information:  (click the link below to get more information)
Confirmation Calendar 2018-2019
How to Write a Sermon Report
Confirmation Cheat Sheet!
Confirmation 2018-2019 handbook

Year 3 Information:   (click the link below to get more information)
Year 3 Lesson/Memory Work Calendar
Year 3 Extra Calendar Dates
Retreat Covenant
Retreat Permission Form
Year 3 Essay Requirements
Year 3 Confirmation Bible Verse Ideas
2018 – Bible Verse Selection Forms



Service Hour “Green” Sheet: click here


Acolyte and Cross Bearer:
Sign-Up: click here
Additional Information: acolyte&cross bearer info

Family Advent Candle Lighting! During the Advent season, it has been a long-standing tradition at Redeemer for a family to participate in the worship services by together lighting one of the Advent candles. This will begin on the first Sunday of Advent at all services (12/2, 12/9, 12/16, 12/23) and will be scheduled in advance for the Sanctuary services (9am and 10:30am). You can sign up HERE, or contact Pam Lucas (

Coffee Hour Sign-Ups
Winter Schedule – click here 

Greeter Sign-Ups:
Winter Schedule – click here

Acolyting/Cross Bearing Most urgently, we are in need of acolytes/cross bearers for our Thanksgiving Eve (11/21 at 7pm) & Thanksgiving Day (11/22 at 9am) services.  You can sign up HERE!  You can also sign up for any other available slots… but Thanksgiving is our most urgent need 😊

Flag Bearing: We are also in need of Flag Bearers for the Thanksgiving Day service (11/22 at 9am).  This job is for strong people, as the flags are quite large and heavy!  Confirmands can do flag bearing, but they need to be strong!!  We suggest having adults or high schoolers do this.  Sometimes, we have father/son teams do the flag bearing, and it’s really cool!  You can sign up HERE!

ADVENTure: Miss Kitty and I are still in need of helpers!  It’ll be SO FUN!  You can sign up HERE!

Christmas Card Making: If you would like to make more Christmas cards like we did at Fluff & Stuff, you can pick up more from Mrs. Whitfield on Wednesdays during Confirmation.  ALL CHRISTMAS CARDS ARE DUE SUNDAY 12/9!  You can return Christmas card in the labeled box in the Parlor (little couch room across from Mr. Priskorn’s office).

Mitten Drive: Our Westmaple Nursery School Director, Mrs. Raezler, is having a mitten drive with her preschool families.  She is looking for someone to work with her and take the donations to the donation place.  Let me know if you would like to help with this, and I will get you in contact with her.  She’ll sign off on service hours for ya!



Confirmation Ministry Contact

Laura McDonald, Director of Confirmation
Confirmation Office: 248-644-4010 ext. 121

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