Children’s Events

Christmas Pageant Practice Schedule: All cast will be working on music during Sunday School. You have a CD (let Nicole Olds know ASAP if you don’t) to work on music at home. Preschool/Kindergarten: You should have an email with the song lyrics and example.   Let Nicole Olds know if you didn’t get it!  Dancing angel rehearsal today; Little Angels 11:30am-12:30pm/ Hip-Hop Angels 12:00-1:30pm.  Be practicing with your videos.  If you did not receive them, please let Nicole Olds know.

Christmas Pageant!  Sunday School will be presenting a Christmas program again this year.  This year’s Christmas Program is going to be A Tree Lot Christmas. We will find ourselves selling Christmas trees in the local toy store lot. Will we raise enough money to buy toys for all the needy children in the area? Will we change the heart of the grumpy toy store owner?   This year’s performance will be on December 17th at 3pm on the big stage!  So mark your calendars as the whole congregation is invited, along with Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, friends, and neighbors.

Burkina Faso Piggy Project: Start filling your banks and on December 17th you can return them to church. If you fill it up earlier you are welcome to bring it in and we will empty it so you can take it back home to start again! We are making such an amazing impact on these children’s lives. Give – to help someone in need; Save – a child from hunger; Live – knowing you were a light in the darkness for six children in Africa. If you didn’t receive one please stop by the Sunday School office or contact Nicole Olds!


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